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スプリングボード in 福岡 Springboard in Fukuoka



福岡アメリカンセンター| Fukuoka American Center

スプリングボード in 福岡 Springboard in Fukuoka

2022年11月~12月に開催します! Come join the latest Springboard in Japan programme in Fukuoka in fall 2022!

参加登録は近日中に開始します! Registrtion will open soon!
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Time & Location

2022年9月28日 17:19

福岡アメリカンセンター| Fukuoka American Center, 福岡市中央区天神2丁目2−67ソラリアパークサイドビル8階

About The Event


The latest Springboard programme will be held from November to December 2022 in Fukuoka City. 


Three full-day workshops will cover assertiveness, core values, personal resources, networking, setting goals, finding support and balancing home life and work. 


Payment for the programme (7,000 yen) will be accepted in cash on site at the first workshop.


お申し込みの締め切り:    月     日(   )

Registration will close on ... 


Applicants will be chosen by lottery if numbers exceed the quota (15 women).


Any personal information submitted by participants will only be used within the scope of this programme and shall not be used for any other purpose.






Workshop 1: Your Core Beliefs

In this workshop, you will assess where you are and where you want to be, identify your core values and beliefs and how these are key in effective goal setting and decision making, build self-awareness, understand how to take more control over your life, share strategies to move forward and manage change, understand powerful and practical approaches to setting goals, and learn how to take action in small, realistic steps. 



Workshop 2: Being Assertive

In this workshop, you will put practical key ingredients for assertive communication into practice, and learn how to take action in small, realistic steps. 



Workshop 3: Networking

In this final workshop, you will gain practical ideas and support to take the next steps, feel empowered and confident, explore the importance of your own "personal brand", learn ways to network more effectively, learn techniques to put yourself forward more positively and set up realistic plans for your goals. 

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